Mazahra Arts, Mary Anna Abuzahra

Mazahra Arts is located in Central Vermont, Montpelier and Plainfield areas, with private office in downtown Montpelier. Mary Anna Abuzahra, the owner of Mazahra Arts is an intuitive empath, working with the ancient tools of archery, astrology, tarot and storytelling, providing consultations, instruction and presentations in Vermont and the New England and Atlanta, Georgia areas for over 25 years. Mary Anna is committed to assisting with self development and self awareness through the discovery of strengths, acknowledgement of difficult patterns and the discovery of right timing.


Welcome & Bright Blessings!


Quotes from students, clients and participants:

"I just attended my first Lunar Insight Women's Moon Group with Mary Anna. Insight, indeed! What a revelation, what an opening! Thank you and see you next month!"

"It was great to meet with you and I really enjoyed sitting to work with the month's Moon phases! It felt like such a rare opportunity to focus on my
own process!"

"Moon Group (Lunar Insight Experience) is a fabulous way to learn how the moon affects each of us personally and collectively. I look forward to group each month! I learn so much."

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