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Intuitive Archery and Mounted Archery in Vermont


MOUNTED ARCHERY INTENSIVE  Horses & Pathfinders EGE, Moretown, VT

Join us for this unique Mounted Archery Intensive in Moretown, VT!

Summer 2014 :   Dates TBA

For full course description, pricing and registration please link to

Mounted Archery, Horses & Pathfinders

Instructors: Lucinda Newman and Mary Anna Abuzahra


You may also contact Mary Anna for any information!

Red & Leonore, Mounted Archery at Horses & Pathfinders Equine Guided Education 2013
 Intuitive Archery is an ancient art and skill that can awaken a  deep resonance  

 within us, and open a doorway to shareexperience  with all ancestral heritages. 
It is a wonderful moving meditation.
It is a common language.  Archery invokes the energies and attributes  of deities from every culture and continent, male and female, just to name a few : 
Artemis, Apollo, Diana, Osoosi, Rama, Shiva,  Arjuna,  Ullr,  Freya, Marduk, Chiron, Houyi and Fudo-Mayo and more.  The list of living cultural, historical and  folkloric heroes/heroines is  too lengthy to mention here, but spans all cultures past and present. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              image: Mary Anna Abuzahra, Mazahra Arts©2014 by Aart Nutgeren
  My Archery Mission                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Archery can help to build confidence, self-esteem, healthy body image, enhance goal envisiong and spiritual calm.  Archery in a grou can deepen bonds, and initiate healthy patterns in new relationships. I strive to encourage and  inspire these lasting experiences in a safe  and supportive environment, for individuals and groups.
  image of Ullr, from Wikipedia
Following USA Archery instruction technique, students maintain safety at all times, while learning basic to advanced archery skills with modern lightweight recurve bows, field arrows and appropriate protective gear. Focus is on a fun experience, development of skills, meditative experience and good sportsmanship.
Moon Shoot Archery 
Central Vermont Location 
Open to 6 participants in each event. (please contact to see if room is still available)
Fee: $50 per person   

Instructor: Mary Anna Abuzahra, USA Archery Level II Certified Instructor
Basics of Intuitive Archery will be presented to the group and to each individual as they take up the bow. 
Each archer will receive personal goal oriented  information to focus upon during their shooting experience.
This information is based on basic lunar cycle information and is personalized for each participant.
Astrological charts wth transits will be printed for each participant.
Detailed information and directions are sent to pre-paid registrants prior to day of event.
Every safety rule for archery is required and participants who are not keeping safe will be asked to leave and their payment refunded.
All participants take part at their own risk.
My events are open to all adults who can keep safety at the forefront of their experience.
All are welcome, teens under 16 need a parent' or legal guardian to accompany them, over 16 with written parental/guardian permission.
If children would like to attend, please inquire to arrange a special time frame.  
Younger children do best with their own kind of atmosphere and lesson, which I can provide for them.
I have many years of professional experience in the field of Early Childhood Education as a Montessori Educator and Licensed ECE Program Director.
Please do not bring pets.  It is very distracting and difficult for group work, even though we are dog lovers!!!
The upcoming dates for the Spring/Summer 2013 season are SUNDAYS:
                          February 23, 2014: Of course - this early date is weather permitting! CANCELLED DUE TO WINTER WEATHER
                          March  30, 2014: also early in the year - weather permitting!  Just a week away and there is still too much snow for outdoors!
                          April  27, 2014
                         May  25, 2014
                         June 22, 2014
                        July 20, 2014
                         August 24, 2014
                         September 8, 2014:  A SPECIAL FULL MOON SHOOT DATE!
                         October 12, 2014
Holding Your Space
To hold your space, as the spaces go fast- you can pay on my website with a credit card through paypal or your paypal account.  
Please contact me for other methods of payment, questions and further details. This event is also available at your party or business function if "archery appropriate" space is available.  I can arrange for a free site visit or help you to evaluate your site via email or phone.
CONTACT Mary Anna for further information and scheduling; individual or small group instruction is also available for women, men, teens, and children.
SHOP MAZAHRA ARTS and hold your place for the date you need! All monies held until day of event.
Mary Anna is Level II Certified through USA Archery.  She is available to train Level I Archery Instructors for your organization, give individual instruction, facilitate events and archery parties at her outdoor range or at other suitably safe locations.
photo of Mary Anna by Aart Nutgeren ©2013





Storytelling & Bardic Arts


Story Performance! A children's tale for the Lunar Eclipse!

Mary Anna is performaning at  the Baby Expo ! April 12, 2014 at Berlin Elementary School 

A benefit for Good Beginnings of Central Vermont!   Please join us! 


Storytelling and the Bardic Arts

Mary Anna provides storytelling in the traditional Bardic manner - live and in person - creating her own stories, and also using the cycles of the planets, Sun and Moon, folktales, mythologies and fairytales. A bardic element of engaging the heart is her goal, engaging the audience to find a deep place within their hearts and souls to experience this ancient form of sharing. A Barduc Astrologer!

She is available to present at your party or event with story and optional musical accompaniment and costuming.

She has done presentations for all ages, small and larger groups and events.  She is available for parties, writing a unique story for your birthday or the birthday of a family member or friend.  She has studied the Bardic Arts from a historical perspective through Druid studies, a BA in Communications and storytelling workshops. She has also worked professional as a musician and in media production. Her weekly show on WGDR Goddard College Community Radio - Green Singers dedicated to our relationships with nature.

You can also join Mary Anna, hosting at Tulsi Tea Room in Montpelier, Vermont for occasional open form storytelling events, and at Dobra Tea in Burlington, VT.  Come and tell a story whether you are just beginning or a skilled teller. Please contact Mary Anna for details on scheduling your own event or attending these free events.

Dark Moon Scry 2014


Welcome & Bright Blessings!




Quotes from students, clients and participants: "I just attended my first Lunar Insight Women's Moon Group with Mary Anna. Insight, indeed! What a revelation, what an opening! Thank you and see you next month!" "It was great to meet with you and I really enjoyed sitting to work with the month's Moon phases! It felt like such a rare opportunity to focus on my own process!" "Moon Group (Lunar Insight Experience) is a fabulous way to learn how the moon affects each of us personally and collectively. I look forward to group each month!

Mary Anna Abuzahra, Mazahra Arts

Mazahra Arts is located in Central Vermont, with private office in downtown Montpelier.  

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